UPDATE: Due to community feedback, the Board is looking at the possibility of conducting a survey to determine if the planned date should change.

Our tradition of lighting luminaries for the Christmas holiday will continue this year. Please note the following important dates:

December 9 – Luminary assembly (volunteers are needed)

December 10 – Luminary distribution (volunteers are needed)

December 16 – Luminary Display and Cookie Exchange (rain date Dec. 17)

Although luminaries have typically been displayed on Christmas Eve, a number of members have suggested/requested that we schedule the luminary display on another date due to family activities, church services, and travel plans on Christmas Eve itself. The input of our members is important, so the Board has scheduled the luminary display for December 16.

Of course, anyone wishing to display luminaries again on Christmas Eve is welcome to do so.

If you are unable to set out your luminaries on December 16, please ask a neighbor to set them out for you.

Finally, a voluntary cookie exchange will take place during the luminary event this year so that we can all better enjoy the display and fellowship with our neighbors.  More details to follow!!