LED Survey – Closed

I've closed the LED light survey. The Board has the response information and will be providing the community and update after this months Board meeting. Thanks, John

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LED Questions

We have received a few questions regarding the LED lighting proposal. The Board would like to share the questions, and to provide what information we have available. The first question was regarding the blue light intensity of the proposed lights. The question referenced the following AMA recommendation: https://www.ama-assn.org/ama-adopts-guidance-reduce-harm-high-intensity-street-lights The second set of questions were regarding [...]

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LED Lights

Duke Energy Replacement Street Lighting to LED With the help and insight provided from one of our neighbors, Lorrie Maggio from Duke Energy, we have been informed that our subdivision is eligible to upgrade our neighborhood street lighting from the current sodium lighting to a more cost effective and efficient LED. Did you know, every [...]

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