Duke Energy Replacement Street Lighting to LED

With the help and insight provided from one of our neighbors, Lorrie Maggio from Duke Energy, we have been informed that our subdivision is eligible to upgrade our neighborhood street lighting from the current sodium lighting to a more cost effective and efficient LED.

Did you know, every household is billed for neighborhood street lighting by Duke Energy? As of Jan 1, 2018, the rates increased, and are now $3.20 per light, and with LED would reduce to $2.70 per light, or a $.50 per light reduction per month per customer.

The new LED lighting has a greater/wider coverage, has less light pollution, and illuminates the road and surrounding area in a more natural/whiter light.

The upgrade will be at NO-CHARGE.

To be able to apply for this upgrade, Duke Energy requires 100% consent from EVERY household in Byrum Woods. If we decide this is something the community is interested in doing, then a petition will be submitted for each household to sign (Duke Energy account holder).

The petition wording provided by Duke Energy is:

Street Lighting Petition Form to Convert All Street Lights from 9500 High Pressure Sodium to 50 watt LED (Light Emitting Diodes) (Underground Service)

We the undersigned hereby petition Duke Energy Progress, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Duke Energy Progress) to change from 9500 lumen high pressure sodium vapor street lights to 50 watt LED street lights in ________________ subdivision located in ________________ or near _____________________.

We understand that a nonrefundable contribution may be required prior to conversion for the cost of trenching and backfilling necessary for installation of any additional lights as requested by the Homeowners Association (HOA) or other organization representing the interest of the residents. **

We also understand that a signed petition of 100% of the property owners under SLR is required to convert the street lights to LED 50 watt. If the undersigned does not constitute 100% of the legal lot ownership within the subdivision then this change cannot proceed.

(**We have heard that some residents have requested more street lighting, but this would not be pursued by the HOA until the existing lighting proposal is concluded).

It will only be a matter of time that all of the street lights will be converted to LED as the sodium lights fail, but we believe the transition to LED in the entire neighborhood at the same time will enhance the overall neighborhood appearance. Additionally, any savings will not be effective until ALL street lights are converted.

A quick online survey is available at the Byrum Woods website: www.byrumwoods.org/led-lighting-proposal/

If there are any comments or objections, we’d like the opportunity to answer them in a speedy manner so that, if we are all in agreement, we can begin this process.

Thank you for your time.
Byrum Woods HOA