We have received a few questions regarding the LED lighting proposal. The Board would like to share the questions, and to provide what information we have available.

The first question was regarding the blue light intensity of the proposed lights. The question referenced the following AMA recommendation: https://www.ama-assn.org/ama-adopts-guidance-reduce-harm-high-intensity-street-lights

The second set of questions were regarding the technical specifications of the new LED lights:

  1. What is the energy consumption per sodium light? _______KWh per LED light? _______KWh
  2. What is the color temperature of the current sodium light? _______K LED light? _______K
  3. What is the life expectancy of the new LED bulb?
  4. What brand(s) of LED bulb will Duke Progress be using?
  5. How does the new LED light deliver “greater/wider coverage” and still “emits less light pollution”?

The Board does not have any information that isn’t available publically available, and we do not have detailed technical information on the new LED lights. As explained in the proposal, Duke will be replacing our street lights with LED lights as they burn out, so our proposal only accelerates that transition and nothing else.

Here is the information that the board has found so far that may help answer some of these questions, and perhaps others:

Response to the AMA recommendation (from an industry supported organization, so take with a grain of salt): http://www.lrc.rpi.edu/resources/newsroom/AMA.pdf

Publicly available information from Duke on the LED lights:

If you have any questions on the LED light, we would encourage you to contact Duke directly. If you do find anything that you would like the Board to share with the community, please let the Board know.