Several residents have received a notice from NCDOT stating that there will be engineering work related to the widening of Creedmoor soon.

The current NCDOT plan can be found here.

According to the Feb 2018 plan, the earliest any construction will take place is FY 2022, with Right of Way and Utility work being done. The actual widening of the road isn’t scheduled until FY 2025, and is still only 75% funded. Based on the plan, we’ll be lucky if is completed by the end of FY 2028. Based on the funding, it appears to be a four year project.

If we hear of any accelleration in the project we’ll make sure that the community knows. The Board of Directors has no more insight into this project than anyone else, nor are we involved in the planning at any level. In this, we are equal in our understanding. If you hear anything that you would like to HOA to share, please let us know.