Call for 2018-2020 Byrum Woods Home Owners Association Board of Director Candidates and Architectural Committee Volunteers

HOA Board of Director Candidates:

This year we are looking to fill 4 Board positions.  There were 6 Board members during the past year.  Dick Dumas has now completed his two-year term, and Jackie Granados and John Allison have both requested to leave the Board after the annual meeting for personal reasons unrelated to their service on the Board.  Jane Allen, Chad Chapman, and Martin Humpherson will continue on the Board in the second year of their 2-year positions. The Board of Directors should have at least 7 members, as per the ByLaws. All current Board Members will facilitate the transition to newly elected Board members.

Before going on, we want to thank Dick, John and Jackie for giving their time, guidance and energy during these past 12 months.

All BW-HOA members are eligible to volunteer to be elected to the HOA Board for a two year term.  There are no special qualifications necessary to be on the Board — just the desire to work with neighbors to sustain our splendid neighborhood. People who have served in the past are welcome to stand for election again. Having representatives from various parts of the neighborhood is desirable.

So please contact your existing Board representative or volunteer at, before August 28, 2018, to place your name on the nomination list.  Then please electronically submit a brief write-up sharing your background and your vision for the HOA and its role in supporting the Byrum Woods homeowners.  If you have any questions, please contact your HOA Board representative.

The Board will then share each candidate’s information on a ballot that will be distributed to all BW homeowners, collect the ballots, and tabulate the results of the “early voting”. This process will facilitate voting by homeowners who may not be at the meeting.  At the BW-HOA Annual Meeting on September 11, 2018, any additional votes will be counted (from any homeowner present who did not do “early voting”) and the elected Board members will then be announced. Two votes are permitted per residence, whether by “early voting” or in person at the meeting.

This “early voting” is in accordance with the ByLaws Article 2 section 2, Article 3 section 4 and Article 4 Section 1.   It will ONLY cover election of the Board of Directors.

HOA Board Action for Board Candidates Time-line
Solicit Board member candidates August 1  through August 28th
Release candidate information September 1th
 Early Voting September 1th – September 9 th
Count any additional votes and announce elected Board members September 11th at the Annual BW-HOA Meeting

Call for 2018-2019 BW-Home Owners Architectural Committee Volunteers

The BW-HOA is soliciting 3 volunteers for the BW-HOA Architectural Committee. These positions are not elected — if you volunteer, you are automatically a member of the Committee.

The BW-HOA Architectural Committee’s role is to ensure that the BW lot owner’s plans conform to the BW-HOA Restricted Covenants.  Historically, the Architectural Committee:

1)     Meets with the lot owner and reviews their plans.

2)     Reviews whether the lot owner has discussed their plans with neighbors who may be impacted by the work and gained their approval.

3)     Determine if the lot owner has or will commit to securing the necessary building permits.

Where a lot owner conforms to Local, County and State regulations, and stays within the BW-HOA Restrictive Covenants, the committee members may only need to resolve and document minor encroachment issues.

All BW-HOA members are eligible to serve on the HOA Architectural Committee.  There are no special contractor or builder qualifications necessary to be on the committee – just the desire to work with neighbors to guide them through the process and the existing covenants guidelines.

Please contact your Board representative through, on/or before September 1, 2017, to become a member of the Architectural Committee.

Byrum Woods HOA Board of Directors  — Sent by Jane Allen

You can volunteer through by clicking here as well.