Brief Summary of Byrum Woods Annual Homeowner Meeting held Sept.11, 2018

1. By a vote of 59 to 0, an increase in annual dues from $60 to $90 was approved.

2. A vote of 59 to 0 approved election of all who had volunteered to become new Board Members: Amy Allison, Tom Kane, and Geyer Longenecker. All in attendance also approved election of Marion Peele, who volunteered during the meeting.

3. Volunteer members of the Architectural Committee are Lillian Wang, Tony Papa and Jack Bishop.

4. Thanks were extended to John Allison, Dick Dumas, and Jackie Granados for their service on the 2017-2018 board.

5. More details of the meeting, including information on roads, traffic, upkeep of entrances and the Byrum Woods webpage, will be forthcoming in the formal minutes, which will be available in about two weeks.