Hello Neighbors,   

Your HOA Board wanted to reach out to you all with an update of recent and upcoming events.

For the first time in many years we have a full count of 7 HOA board members for 2018/2019. We are hopeful that we can continue maintaining this over the coming years. It ensures a full presentation of the neighborhood at board meetings, and to make sure the board listens to the needs of the entire neighborhood.

Spring Neighborhood Cleanup

**Saturday April 6 beginning at 8am**    Weather permitting, we are planning a “Spring cleanup” again this year.  On April 6, beginning at 8am, John Scott and any volunteers will be coming by and removing any yard debris you want removed.  This would include small branches, small tree limbs, bushes, anything that can be readily removed in a trailer (No trees please!).  Max 10’ in length.  Please understand we aren’t going to be able to come into anyone’s back yard to remove items, they will need to be roadside for removal.  It is recommended any yard debris be placed curbside the night before.

Anyone willing to help on the day would be appreciated.  Hot coffee and donuts will be available.  The pick-up will begin at John Scott’s house at 8am, entrance of Mattlyn Ct./Creedmoor Road.  Bring gloves!

Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter egg hunt will be held on Saturday, April 13 at 1 pm in the front yards of John / Amy Allison and Tom / Kathleen Kane, 10313/10317 Byrum Woods Drive opposite Kenwick Court.  All are welcome, including adults, children and grandchildren.  There will be sandwiches, chips, and drinks to enjoy, and lots of eggs to hunt. There is no rain date, so the event will be cancelled in case of inclement weather.  This event lasts about an hour and is a great way to meet your neighbors.

Please contact Tom Kane at 262-271-6079 if you wish to volunteer to fill the eggs, shop for prizes, or assist during the party.  See you there!

Halloween 2018

We had a very good turnout for the Halloween event. We lost count of the hot dogs we cooked, but we don’t think anyone was turned away hungry. Thank you to all who contributed their time in the preparation, during the event and breaking down afterwards of the tables/chairs etc. We were fortunate to have such wonderful weather for the evening.

HOA Dues

By now every household should have paid their HOA dues of $90.00. This money has been more necessary than ever as the cost of the landscaping at the entrances has increased significantly. If you are one of the few still waiting to pay, don’t forget you can pay online, or drop a check off with one of your board members. Geyer Longenecker at 2801 Mattlyn Ct is our Treasurer, and you can drop a check at his house/mailbox too. Please make your check payable to Byrum Woods HOA.  To pay online, visit:


Volunteer(s) Needed for Architectural Committee

Jack Bishop will be leaving the architectural committee on April 1, as he and Irene have sold their home.  Anyone interested is asked to contact Tony Papa at 919 845 1524 or Geyer Longenecker at 919 847 9124.  This is not an elected position, and all volunteers are welcome.

Entrance Wall Repair

The wall at the entrance at Patrie Place and Old Creedmoor Road had a large crack develop over the last year or so.   Before the icy weather began late last year, the wall was repaired. A drainage ditch has also been dug behind which should now mitigate the need for an extensive and costly rebuild/structural repair in the future, it is hoped.

Luminaries 2018

There was a very good turnout for the luminaries on 12/24. As you may have noticed, the sand had been distributed separately from the candles this time, due to the impending heavy rains. We tried a different, “contained” tea light candle this year which, though it was cheaper than the previous years (plastic cup and candle), appeared to not last quite as long. We will discuss this at a later Board meeting, and it will be down to the next elected board as to what candle will be used this coming year.  A special thank you to those who showed up at Thomas Kane’s house to assist in the preparation and distribution of the luminaries.  Many hands do indeed make light work.


As many of you who live on Byrum Woods, Mattlyn Ct. and Patrie Pl., speeding has continued to be an issue in the neighborhood.

The HOA Board has contacted the local Wake County Sheriff’s Office to again set up speed monitoring in the neighborhood. In addition, we have contacted the NCDOT about ways to reduce speeding. Adding additional stop signs, speed tables and changing the location and design of the current speed signs were some of the suggestions. So far, the DOT has moved or replaced some of the speed limit signs to improve their visibility.  Speed tables (unlike speed bumps) are being investigated, but the cost and upkeep are initially quite high (over $3,000 each).

The Board invested a nominal amount of money in purchasing the “Drive like your children live here” signs that I am sure by now you have all seen. This appears to have at least made a difference to some drivers, locals and transient, though not everyone is taking notice.

By using a radar gun, it is possible to accurately record the speed of those driving through our neighborhood. The highest speed recorded so far is 52mph!!! It was suggested that we put up a speed recording area in the neighborhood in the coming weeks.  If we can be more aware of our speed, there’s less likelihood of an incident to our own neighbors.

Any suggestions regarding other ways to slow the traffic flying through our neighborhood would be greatly appreciated. Our children, our pets, and indeed ANYONE who travels these roads by any means are potential victims of speeding/distracted drivers. Let’s make this neighborhood safer for all.

Night time walkers/drivers

Both drivers and pedestrians can help make the neighborhood safer at night.  If you are walking at night, please make your presence known.  Wear reflective clothing, and/or use a flashlight.  Please don’t point your flashlight at oncoming cars.  Also, if you are driving at night, please don’t use high beams if you see pedestrians.

Road Surface Replacement

Although we are not aware of a specific start date, all of the road surfaces in the Byrum Woods subdivision are scheduled to be replaced sometime this summer. We will notify you when we receive an update to this much needed project.  If you hear any news, please be sure to share with us.

Coyote Sighting

Tom Kane posted on NextDoor that he spotted a medium sized coyote at the corner of Mattlyn and Byrum Woods Drive around 4 pm on March 14.  Please be aware, especially if you have small pets.

Creedmoor Road Widening

Here is a post made by Mike Maggio on Nextdoor.com regarding information he found on the Creedmoor Road widening program

Talked to Allison White who is the new project manager for the widening project. She tells me they expect to start work in 2021. There will be a review of the project around April or May of this year and it will be posted as to location for review by the public. They are still working on the actual layout. She said it will be a 4 lane divided high way. If you have any questions you can contact her at 919-707-6341

As more information becomes available, we will keep you posted.

Neighborhood Yard Sale

We are planning a neighborhood yard sale for a Saturday in May.  Advertising, signs and social media will be used to promote the event.  A date will be announced soon.

Facebook Page for Byrum Woods residents only

We have created a Facebook page for only those who live in our neighborhood.  As opposed toNextdoor.com, this is ad-free site, and solely for the purpose of connecting neighbors.  We welcome comments, questions, those looking for assistance with recommendations, posting photos of neighborhood events, etc.  Membership is by invitation only, so it’s a totally private forum, just for us. The link is:


Upcoming Calendar Events in 2019

Spring Cleanup – April 6 (begins at 8am)
Easter Egg Hunt – April 13 (begins at 1pm)
Neighborhood Yard Sale – May (TBD)
Ice Cream Social – August 31
Annual HOA Board Meeting – September TBD
Halloween Party – October 31
Luminary Distribution – TBD
Luminaries – December 24 (December 31 rain date)

Thank you, from your Byrum Woods HOA Board Members