In May of 2017, the Byrum Woods HOA Board sent out a proposal to change the restrictive covenants.

This proposal generated a lot of debate within the community, and resulted in one HOA meeting dedicated just to the proposal, and later a formal vote on if the community should continue pursuing changing the restrictive covenants or not.

At the 2017 Annual Meeting, it was revealed that only 50% of the community actually voted, and of those that voted, the vote was close to 50/50 on if the community desired to go forward with the changes. In all, slightly over 25% of the community voted to continue the process. As a result, the future of the proposed changes was handed to the new Board, which was elected that evening.

As of October 2017, the new Board has not developed a plan to go forward regarding any changes to the restrictive covenants, and has decided to prioritize improving the communications within the community. Once the new Board has the opportunity to look closely at the issue, they will provide additional information to the community.