LED Questions

We have received a few questions regarding the LED lighting proposal. The Board would like to share the questions, and to provide what information we have available. The first question was regarding the blue light intensity of the proposed lights. The question referenced the following AMA recommendation: https://www.ama-assn.org/ama-adopts-guidance-reduce-harm-high-intensity-street-lights The second set of questions were regarding [...]

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LED Lights

Duke Energy Replacement Street Lighting to LED With the help and insight provided from one of our neighbors, Lorrie Maggio from Duke Energy, we have been informed that our subdivision is eligible to upgrade our neighborhood street lighting from the current sodium lighting to a more cost effective and efficient LED. Did you know, every [...]

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Luminary Success

On the 24th, our community successfully got the luminaries out and transformed our neighborhood for the holiday season. Luckily, the weather cooperated, and while a bit chilly, the luminaries were able to go on as planned. The Board would like to thank those that volunteered to help assemble and distribute the luminaries. We hope that [...]

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Luminary Display Details

Happy Holidays! Luminary supplies have now been distributed to each household in our neighborhood. If you find that you are missing any luminary supplies, please respond no later than noon on Saturday, December 23, using this form (https://www.byrumwoods.org/luminary-needs/).   The Luminary Display will start at 5:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. If you will be out of [...]

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The luminaries have been prepared (thanks to all of the volunteers) and the Board is starting to distribute them to the community. Again, we'll be displaying the luminaries on the 24th in the evening.

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Luminary Display – Poll Results

The results of the luminary poll are in! Over 50 households participated, with December 24th carrying the majority. Therefore, the Luminary Display will take place on Christmas Eve. Although the earlier date for the Luminary Display was selected in response to member requests, it is now clear that for most members, displaying luminaries on Christmas [...]

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Volunteer Opportunities

Many neighbors have asked how they can join with the Board of Directors to support neighborhood activities and initiatives. Here are some opportunities to help: Help to assemble and distribute Christmas luminary kits on December 9 Coordinate care of the 3 entrances (including selection of a new landscaping service) Organize the Easter Egg Hunt Interact [...]

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UPDATE: Due to community feedback, the Board is looking at the possibility of conducting a survey to determine if the planned date should change. Our tradition of lighting luminaries for the Christmas holiday will continue this year. Please note the following important dates: December 9 – Luminary assembly (volunteers are needed) December 10 – Luminary [...]

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Halloween Success

The HOA had an outstanding Halloween party, with number exceeding expectations. We had hot dogs cooking well into the evening, and everyone got their fill. The Board would like to thank everyone that showed up, and we are looking forward to next year's party as well. Additionally, the Board is thankful for everyone that paid [...]

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Halloween Party

They Bryum Woods annual Halloween party will be on Halloween (October 31st) from 5pm - 7pm. The party will be at John and Amy Allison's house, at 10313 Byrum Woods. All HOA members are welcomed, along with kids and grandkids. At the party, the HOA will be collecting annual dues (still $60/year).

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