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2018 Early Voting

Below is the 2018 Early Voting form. These ballots will be counted on September 11, 2018 during the Byrum Woods HOA Annual Meeting. In accordance with the Byrum Woods HOA Bylaws, only current HOA members in good standing may vote. If you submit a ballot and decide to go to the annual meeting in person, please do not vote at the meeting, or request that a Board member removes your absentee ballot from the tabulation.

2018 Early Voting


This form is to enable Byrum Woods HOA members to conduct early voting prior to the 2018 Annual Meeting. We encourage all members to vote early, in order to maximize the number of voters, and if you are able to make it to the meeting, please either do not vote, or notify a Board member to remove your absentee ballot. Per the Bylaws, each household get two (2) votes. You must click the "Submit" button at the bottom for your vote to be submitted.
Please select your Byrum Woods HOA voting address.
Please list the names of the voting member(s).

Board of Directors

Please vote below for the new Board of Directors. These volunteers will serve a term of two years.

Vote 1

Please vote for "yes" or "no" for the candidates for the Byrum Woods HOA Board of Directors.

Vote 2

Please vote for "yes" or "no" for the candidates for the Byrum Woods HOA Board of Directors.
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Please acknowledge that the person that filled out this form has the legal authority to vote on behalf of the household at the above address.
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