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Community Surveys

This page is used to host all of the current surveys. While most surveys are published within a post, this is a simple, one-stop location to get caught up on the current surveys.

Should we collect dues via the website?
The question has been posed, if we should collect dues via the website using credit cards. Please vote on your preference.
This website is owned by one of the HOA members. If we collect dues, we can either use this website, or the HOA would have to create a new website to collect dues. We are trying to determine if the community has objections to collecting dues via a website that is not owned by the HOA. In either case, the website will not store your credit card information and the back end processing account is controlled by the HOA.
Byrum Woods Bylaw Survey
  • Introduction
  • Membership
  • Meetings
  • Board of Directors
  • Duties of Officers
  • Dues
  • Amendments
  • Robert's Rules of Order
  • Fiscal Year
  • Dissolution
  • Architectual Committee
  • General Comments


Byrum Woods HOA Bylaws Survey


The purpose of this survey is to solicit input from the Byrum Woods Home Owner Association (HOA) Members on the existing Bylaws. The Board would like to know if the Bylaws should be changed, and if so, how they should be changed.


At several of the past Annual Meetings, issues with the Bylaws have been raised by some members of the community, especially in the area of what defines a quorum and the number and qualifications for Board Members.

In order to address these concerns, the Board is seeking input such that they can propose updated Bylaws at the upcoming Annual Meeting

The Process

To accomplish this goal, the Board will follow the following steps:

  1. Suvey the HOA Members (this)
  2. Evaluate the survey results
  3. Share the survey results with the Members
  4. If it appears that a majority of Members would approve a change
    1. In conjunction with interested Members, the Board will draft a Bylaw change recommendation
    2. The Board will solicit input from the Membership on the proposed recommendations
    3. The Board will update the recommendation in response to the input
    4. The Board will conduct a formal vote (per the existing Bylaws) on the recommended changes
    5. If approved, the Board will update the Bylaws with the newly approved language and will publish the new Bylaws on the website, and will include them in next year's Directory

Please fill out the information below so we know who is submitting the survey.

Are you willing to help participate in drafting recommended changes to the Bylaws?
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